Writing tools to keep you productive

A digital recorder is the solution for me. #writetip I happen to be getting my Lagoon 380 ready for the winter season. My recorder is small enough to keep in a pocket. As I shine up Mattina (her hull is pictured here), I often think of plot ideas. It’s amazing how often a plot issue gets solved while working on something other than writing, especially physical labour.

I used to think I’d remember ideas, but I rarely do if I don’t write it down. Sometimes it’s not convenient having a pen a paper handy, so I use the recorder.

I also use the recorder while jogging or walking my dog. I hate to lose a good idea just because I thought of it when I was doing something other than writing.

2 thoughts on “Writing tools to keep you productive

  1. My BlackBerry cell phone has the same feature and now I only need to keep one device handy. Since I pretty much don’t go anywhere without my cell, I can record a new idea or thought wherever I am.


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