Kindle As A Learning Aid

#writetip If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I use a Kindle to help me write my novel.

Here’s my latest use. I read “How to Write” books. Normally I’d highlight a hard copy and then later browse through the book looking for what I found interesting. I might even copy a tip into my journal. It was all so time consuming.

I’ve discovered the highlight function on my Kindle. Now when I’m reading at “How to Write” book, I do an electronic highlight. Then when I’ve read the book the highlighted notes are all stored in one place.

You can open the highlights and only read that.

In the end, you get the nitty gritty of the book, minus all the filler that goes around the tips. Way faster than my older method.


2 thoughts on “Kindle As A Learning Aid

  1. I just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I totally love it! I’m piling books ito it,checking on my blog, and playing a few games. I have not quite figured out the “highlight” feature but I don’t have any learning books yet… just fiction.


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