Dogs In The Office


Are you a believer in bringing dogs to work? I am. And who doesn’t love a puppy.

During my time working at Panorama Mountain in BC, Canada, one of the perks of the job was brining my dog to work.

Chica was 9 weeks old in this photo, and I think the walk to work tired her out. Other than not having a chair to sit in, it was great having her.

My belief: a dog lowers stress levels in the work environment. Here’s why:

  • It’s hard to stay angry or upset when a dog is wagging it’s tail at you and demanding to be pet.
  • A quick walk with the dog can give a person a chance to think, figure out a problem, or just reassess a situation.  (with the side benefit of fresh air and exercise)
  • It’s not really appropriate to hug a co-worker when they need it, but the co-worker can always hug the dog.
  • And dogs make you laugh. Chica once stole the payroll and ran through the office with the cheques between her jaws. Tell me that didn’t get things moving!

4 thoughts on “Dogs In The Office

  1. Who couldn’t love a pup like that!! I’m a big fan of dogs in the office, though because I worked in a brewery, we couldn’t bring them for sanitary reasons. The only problem comes when they’re getting into mischief so much that you can’t get any work done. That’s one problem I have when I work from home – I’m constantly telling Tahoe to “leave it” or going to find him because it’s too quiet and I know he’s getting into something!


  2. They do distract you. But, I work better when my dog is laying by me. He always listens when I read to him , and he always thinks my writing is great. At least that’s what I tell myself.


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