Don’t Feel Like Writing?

Sometimes getting motivated to do something, even something you want to do, is hard.

I recently checked out the Sisters In Crime website on the members only, promoting yourself page and watched a video by Meg Gardiner, author of the Evan Delaney and Jo Beckett mysteries, and now I hear her voice in my head. I paraphrased the following from her video.

A neighbour asked her how often she wrote.

She said, “Every day.”

With a look of horror in her eyes, the neighbour asked “Even when you don’t feel like it?”

“Especially when I don’t feel like it,” Meg said.

I don’t know why, but when I am having a hard time getting settled in front of my computer, I repeat this in my head, and it gets me going. Maybe it’s nice to know there are others who love to write, but sometimes have trouble getting to it.

How to you get motivated?


14 thoughts on “Don’t Feel Like Writing?

  1. Good question. Sailing and writing daily is a hard balance. But the habit speaks loud. A friend and coach recently suggested two questions to get on with writing daily. They are:
    What is my focus now?
    What do I need to focus on in order to accomplish that purpose?
    Good questions especially with a blank page and Spider Solitare only a click away. Makes me want to fill the blank page first.


    1. These are good questions. I’m going to add them to my list. RIght now, my dog is leaning his head on my computer as I type, making it difficult to do anything, whether I want to or not. Guess he needs attention first, and then I can get working.


  2. I’d love to find a writing trick analogous to my “just get out the door and take a few steps” for days I don’t feel like running. It never fails, after a few minutes I’m warmed up and enjoying the run. What is the writing equivalent to running my usual route?


    1. How about:
      Just put your computer on the table and pretend you’re going to read. The cats can sit on the keyboard for you if you need someone to type 🙂 Sometimes writing one sentence gets you going.


  3. I don’t usually have much trouble getting motivated, but when I do, I’ll set a goal, like an hour of revising, or a thousand words of draft, and when I reach that goal I reward myself. Things like chocolate, a trip to the coffee shop, or a scan through my favorite blogs work well.
    A feeling of accomplishment seems to do wonders for my motivation. 🙂


    1. I like the rewards! That works for me, too. And for running – same thing. I put my gear on, walk out the door, and next thing I know I’m off and running (except when I’ve been up since 4am due to the kitten wanting to play, then it’s hard to have the energy for those first steps!).


      1. A kitten is a reward on its own, even it is 4am. I think of my dog getting me up early as if he was a Christmas present. I’m always excited to see him. Nothing like a pet to make you smile no matter what time it is.


  4. A perfect topic for me today. All last week I found tons of stuff to do, while my novel WIP waits.

    The truth is, I find blogging so much more rewarding. Nonfiction seems to write itself for me. But getting back to my last revision has been like trying to wrestle a sleeping black bear to sit up.

    So I’ve been asking myself questions like; When do I want to be finished? What is on my A list? Can I set a date and be done with my last draft?

    I love Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die trick. But I do it on my own computer. I put on my writing music. I set a timer and take a chapter or scene, writing for 48 minutes. That trick has helped, so I’m off the Internet to grab a chapter and go.

    Thanks, Kristina for keeping the topic of writing going on your blog. I enjoy your lighthearted and focused posts. Gave it a tweet.

    Do you happen to know how much is the fee to join Sisters’ in Crime? How long have you been a member?


    1. Thanks for the tweet and the black bear image. I’m going to try 48 minutes! I’m doing a final proofread right now, so it’s hard to get settled.

      I joined Sisters in Crime a month or so ago. The memberships are $40 and up depending on what you want. I went for a professional membership. One more way to get connected with other writers.

      I agree about the blogging. I like it because of the connection to other writers.


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