Dogs and Toys


Do you let your dog play with stuffed toys?

Clearly we do. But there are some drawbacks.

If the toy contains stuffing, then the dog might eat it when it rips the seams apart. That can’t be good for the dogs stomach. To solve this, we’ve found stuffed toys at pet stores that don’t contain stuffing. That probably means they aren’t called stuffed toys 🙂 We also look for toys that don’t have buttons, eyes, or anything else Farley, my wheaten terrier, could swallow.

Chica at 8 weeks old with her favourite toy.

Farley doesn’t have this issue, but our Yellow Lab, Chica did. She thought all stuffed toys belonged to her. That meant, the unsuspecting child walking down the street would innocently hand Chica the toy. Chica consistently ran away with it. The child would cry. Not a good scene. We had to learn to get Chica under control when kids were around playing with stuffed toys. Lucky for us, we returned every toy unharmed and convinced each child Chica was only playing with them.

Any thoughts on toys for dogs?


2 thoughts on “Dogs and Toys

  1. Our dog sleeps with a stuffed bunny . . . she’s old and doesn’t get into that stuff. She’s so funny b/c she’s a basset hound so she should want to chase bunnies but there are 2 that practically live in our yard and she’s always looking at them through the window when it rains (they hide out underneath the swing set) and whining, like she wants us to let them in!


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