Writing A Journal NOT

#writing Sometimes experiments fail. I wrote about writing a journal and how I thought it might help writing a novel in Does Writing a Journal Help you Write a Novel?

Well, all my journal entries have turned into scenes of my novel. I start out with something about me or what I observed during the day, but then I move right on to Look the Other Way (My fourth novel).

I think the problem is my novel is WAY more exciting than my day-to-day life :), so why would I write about my day?  I haven’t given it a long time to work, but I guess I like to write fiction, not fact or thoughts.

Anyone else find journal writing doesn’t come naturally to them?


6 thoughts on “Writing A Journal NOT

  1. I found journal writing a great way to get my writing juices flowing but now I do that with my blog which I enjoy very much. If your thoughts are turning to your novel, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?


  2. I journalled a lot before I decided that it would be fun to write a novel, so writing a journal has always been a part of my writing routine. What I noticed though, was that once I started writing books, a large portion of my journal was devoted to the troubles and triumphs related to the creation of my stories. So, I guess, like you, it seems that as writing is such a large part of my imaginative life, it naturally flows into the journal too.


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