Dogs, Toys and Bad Ideas

#dogs The last two Friday’s I’ve posted about dog toys and thought I’d continue on that theme.

Sometimes a fun idea turns into a bad idea. So here’s ours.

My crazy wheaten terrier, FARLEY,  had a great time playing with the ball fender. All was good until he decided to eat it. Then, he thought all fenders were meant to be eaten.

So what was I thinking when I allowed him to play with the fender? He was occupied and we could concentrate on what we needed to get done on the boat. Okay, so I didn’t think that on through.

When boating, don’t let your dog chew lines, fenders or any other item that you might need. Even it’s an old line, the dog doesn’t know that.

As they say, learn as you go? Learn from your mistakes? At least I’m learning in this adventure of owning a dog. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dogs, Toys and Bad Ideas

  1. Oh! Such an adorable baby!
    Its really hard to say no and stop that baby. I would like to sit all day and watch him play all day. 😀
    But to make it easier, why dont you get him some toys for him to chew while you are doing your business. I got my dog toys from biteem


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