Dog Pack Dynamics

Three adults, three kids and three dogs in one mini-van make it through 2000 km of driving.

Murphy (Rottweiler), Piper (Boarder Terrier) and Farley (Wheaten Terrier) get crammed into the van.

Murphy is clearly the alpha as he is in most situations. Farley and Piper are fairly even in the pack, but I think Farley is a little higher in the pack order.

Murphy and Piper met Farley in Winnipeg. The dogs went for a long off-leash romp before we put them in the car together. Any pack issues had to be worked out before they were in the van with the kids.

Each has its own type of food. When I was a kid, the dogs ate whatever we had. It wouldn’t have occurred to us to bring three kinds of food for three dogs. Add in leashes, bowls, grooming kit, towels and poop bags and they need room for their gear.

In the hot summer weather, we made sure we had enough water in the car for all three.  Keeping everyone (including the kids) happy meant water and food on a regular basis. The dogs didn’t want to eat until we were settled in the campground and ate less than they normally do.

Murphy saved throwing up until he was in the tent and the suitcase was open. Gotta love the glamour that comes with dog ownership.

Dealing with an alpha male brings its own challenges.

Murphy drank first, then the other two had access to the water.

Murphy got in the car first, then the other two.

You get the idea.

It was a great trip. Would I do it again? You bet. Travelling with a pack is a riot.


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