Renewed Enthusiasm

Do you ever take a break from writing?

Sometimes a little break can refresh the imagination. Usually I write everyday, but this month I made a change to my routine. I’ve spent four weeks traveling with family, including 3 kids and 3 dogs. This consumed my time. I decided at the beginning of the trip that I was going to take them time off just to enjoy the moments.

Now that I’m close to getting home, I can’t wait to get writing again. I can feel my fingers typing and the story building. I think a break once in a while is good for the creative process.


4 thoughts on “Renewed Enthusiasm

  1. I took a break for about a week to be with family too, and it was refreshing! The words always wait, and I come back to the story with fresh eyes and ideas. 🙂


  2. Kirsten, So Now I’m back and need to get to work. I’m going to allow myself the morning to get caught up with reading blogs I’ve been missing and then it’s back to work. Really. I mean it…


  3. Travel and fun refreshes my writing, adding inspiration + sights or landscapes. In fact, missing my morning writing built a passion to throw myself into my WIP mystery!

    I took the plunge to write for a local monthly magazine, been wanted to do it for years, because I read it cover to cover and admire The Gazette’s pro-earth, clean water, volunteer with fundraising events, and front page articles like “Trees Win.”


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