Dog Papers for the Bahamas

Heading to the Bahamas again this fall means a lot of prep work has to happen. This includes getting our dog ready for cruising.

Farley, our wheaten terrier, needs his papers to enter the Bahamas. This winter will be his fourth time in the Bahamas and he’s getting used to the routine.

To get his papers, I mailed our application, along with $10 to the Bahamas. Once they receive this and are happy, they mail back permission papers. I bring these with me when we visit the customs office upon entry into the country.

Farley had to have his rabies, distemper, etc. shots and he’ll have to see a vet right before we cross the gulf stream. The Bahamians require that he has a health certificate right before entry. This can be tricky because usually we are waiting for a weather window to cross the Gulf Stream, and we’re never sure until the last-minute whether we are going to cross.

So far we’ve been lucky and been able to get an appointment with a vet in Florida on short notice. Once I explain what we are doing, I’ve found the vet’s office are happy to sneak us in for a quick visit.

Why do we do all this? So Farley can to this . . .



9 thoughts on “Dog Papers for the Bahamas

    1. I do. Sometimes I blog ahead of time because I know I won’t have internet access for a couple of weeks, but mostly I blog as I go.
      If I can’t bring a computer, pen an paper works for me. Somehow a beach and computer don’t go together.


  1. Dear Kristina, I enjoy reading your blog about your dogs and other things. My daughter sent me a link to this article in the Charlotte Observer about a dog walking nearly 500 miles to get back to his owner. It is incredible the gift of loyalty and friendship dogs give but also their ability to find their way to their masters.

    Enjoy your day!
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


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