Maxwell Huxley’s Demon – Makes Me Feel Great!

I don’t usually post on Saturday, but I’m excited and wanted to share my happy moment.

Maxwell Huxley’s Demon, written by Michael Conn, came out in paperback a few weeks ago. You many know this is my brother’s debut novel and it’s sensational.

I’ve read the e-book version of the novel, but wanted my own copies to save. So I ordered  them and they arrived.

Here’s the good bit. To my surprise, I read the dedication.

For Kristina, my cheerleader, my editor, my sister.

That’s me! Wow! I am so flattered and honoured to be mentioned in this way.

Here’s the blurb to wet your appetite:

In MAXWELL HUXLEY’S DEMON, when nine-year-old Maxwell Huxley and three others break free from their mountain-top “school” for gifted children – a place where kids mysteriously vanish when they turn ten – a fantastical chase around the world begins. Pursuing answers and freedom, Max unintentionally creates a new world: a world where friends and family meet their demons, where artificial beings come to life, and where nanotechnology is indistinguishable from magic. Maxwell pays a heavy price to discover what he was bred for.

One part Ender, one part Bourne, and a dash of Harry.


4 thoughts on “Maxwell Huxley’s Demon – Makes Me Feel Great!

  1. Dear Kristina,
    Wow! Writing Talent in your family. Celebrate you and your brother! Awesome! Congratulations on being the one chosen by your brother for Maxwell Huxley’s Demon’s dedication. I know you are thrilled and honored. So happy for you.
    Joan Y. Edwards


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