Farley’s Friday: A Bad Hair Day or Getting A Dog Ready to go South?

Farley here.

Look what Kristina did to me! My hair was flowing. It made me handsome. After my hair cut, I look funny. Let’s just say Kristina isn’t the most talented groomer. She cuts my hair herself because there are no groomers where we are going. Am I supposed to believe the Bahamians don’t have dogs?

BEFORE: Just call me gooooood lookin!

She says she’s getting me ready for the Bahamas. She blabbed on about how hot it is down south, how there are ticks, and how sand sticks in my hair. At least she listened to the vet when he said she shouldn’t cut my hair too short or I could get sunburnt, otherwise; I might be bald.

AFTER: And Kristina expects me to out in public?

I have to say, my ears feel lighter and cooler with shorter hair, but that’s the only good thing.

Now I have to wait until spring before I can have long hair again. Kristina is crazy with the clippers once we are living on Mattina.

So, am I still handsome?


2 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Bad Hair Day or Getting A Dog Ready to go South?

  1. Hi Farley,
    With your roguish good looks, it doesn’t matter how you wear your hair–you are one cute puppy!
    And just think how nice it will be when you are lying around on the deck of Kristina’s catamaran, while the rest of us are freezing up here in the snow.

    You are still very handsome. 😉


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