Farley’s Friday – Dog in a Boatyard

Farley here.

I’m in Florida. Bad weather is coming, but we’re in a safe place.  It’s hot here, much hotter than Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We left Winnipeg on Sunday and arrived in St. Augustine, Florida on Tuesday night. That means I spent 3 days in a car. Booooooring.

Kristina seemed excited that we crossed 9 States. All I saw was the inside of the van, a few trees, and hotel rooms.

So what can I say about Florida. That grass is weird and makes my feet itch.

I’ve got a nice yard for the week while my owners stay in a house. I get to chase squirrels, and they are inside and very tired. Too much work on the boat for them.

So what’s a dog life like in a boat yard, you ask. The rocks hurt my feet. The ground smells of odd things. I mentioned it is hot, so I either spend my time under a boat, and anyone’s boat will do, or I hide in my boat. I let my owners have the starboard side, but the port side is all mine.

Notice the Canadian Flag towel? Kristina puts it down for me, but I never use it.

The boat yard people are very nice and they like dogs. Me especially. Because I’m so cute, you know.

The draw back – I’m down from 3 walks a day to 2. What’s up with that? I can’t wait until Matt and Kristina are finished ‘working’ on their boat, launch it, and I get 3 walks again.

I get lifted and carried a lot. The boat is up on the hard and I need help getting on. Matt’s very good about it.

Matt giving me a lift.

There’s a mean dog on the boat beside us, and I had to snap at him to tell him to leave me alone. Now he just stares at me. It’s a bit awkward.

My owner’s bring ice to the boat to keep my water cold. The house has a fridge that makes ice cubes. Heaven for me. I love ice cubes. I never get any while sailing, so I’m having as many as I can right now. Once we’re under way my owners are always talking about power consumption and say we can’t have an ice cube maker.

Soon, the boat will be in the water, Kristina will put me back to the top of her priority list, and I can keep watch for dolphins.

Woof woof.


6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday – Dog in a Boatyard

  1. Wow you have a great life Farley! AND you have TWO humans to love you. I have Momma Jean and I have to share her with my 5 dog brother and sisters. We also run a doggy daycare from our home on 11 acres. When they show up I have to share Momma Jean with them too. I am glad for all the friends though and Momma Jean does realize my sacrifice. We are in the Philadelphia PA area and are bracing for the storm so I must go help Momma Jean get ready. Love M.J.


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