7 thoughts on “Scrivener Writing Software: Pros and Cons

  1. Wow, you really went deep into the feature list!
    The biggest advantage I felt Scrivener has over other types of software is the fact that everything related to the project is in one place.
    Funny, I had no luck with the snapshot function either. I resorted to making a duplicate file and making changes to the new one.


  2. I like you found so odd things to scrivener. I found undder the fiction template that the best way to create folders is to hit the Manuscript and the on the bottome left create new folder. I stared with 10 and then added as I went. Then I click on the new folder revealing an empty corkboard. I used the + on the bottom left of the cork bard for the index card. Gave the card the same name as the chapter. For me I used one solo index card with the break down of the chapter for quick reference. Lots of people use mutiple cards to break down every detail. depends on your preferences. anyway, in the upper left corner of the index card double click and past or write your chapter. Thats the easiest way I found to do it. Ignore numbering the chapters. I support naming chapters just for the creative process at first for faster results when u need to go back.Once you compile it the chapter numbers are label in accordance to the order ot the chapter folders. So make sure they are all in order. Times New Roman is my preference as well but thats minor and quick to change. Open the fonts hit “T” and it pulls all the fonts with that starting letter. I think the program is great for new projects getting off the ground and with everything there in one place I give it a good review. Though I wish it had better instructions for beginners


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