Farley’s Friday: A Dog Underway

Farley here.

Well, I’m on the water, moving south.

Before we left the dock, I helped Matt get the sails rigged.  We started early, just as the sun was coming up. Matt and Kristina wanted the sails up before the wind picked up. I guess it’s not great to have full sail up when the boat is tied to the dock.

I tried to tell Matt what the fastest way to get this done was, but he never listens to me. I know how the sails to go on, he just doesn’t understand dog speak. Plus if he was faster, I would have the trampoline back.

Hard at work at dawn.

Our first day on the water was cold and Kristina was overprotective. She made me wear my harness and tethered me to the cockpit just because I kept trying to go lie on my trampoline. How embarrassing. The other dogs don’t have to wear a harness when they’re on the Intra-coastal waterway.

I think I’m a little bored.

But best of all, I saw my first dolphins and barked at them. I had to let them know I’m the boss.

Woof, Woof.


7 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Dog Underway

  1. Hi Kristina,

    Sounds like you, Matt and Farley are all having a great time. I worry about Farley woofing at the dolphins – is there an underlying insecurity problem here? Does Farley want to be a fish? I once wrote a short monologue about a pooch with psychiatric problems that got therapy from a dog shrink. Farley might like to read it!
    ‘A New York based pooch needs dog psychiatry. Shrinks for dogs! Could only happen in the US! Here’s a link:
    http://www.tombrysonwriter.co.uk/writing/plays/buddha-boy-1 (I don’t know how to hyperlink in a comment).

    Buddha Boy was performed at the Rose theatre, Kidderminster; The Artrix, Bromsgrove, Worcester Arts Workshop, Theatre of Small Convenience, Malvern.

    Our daughter taught her dog to ‘speak’. After ‘sit, ‘roll over’, ‘stay’, etc she would call ‘speak’ and the dog uttered these low guttural sounds. Quite a party piece as you might imagine! Teach Farley to ‘speak’, he might make a good skipper!

    Best of luck with your agent. I liked your book synopses/blurbs – made me want to read them.

    All best,


  2. Tom, you gave both my husband and I a laugh this morning while we’re having our coffee. I’ll talk to Farley and see if he wants to see a shrink. It might make him feel happier. Although, I’m having a hard time figuring out how a dog could be happier than him.

    Farley has his sea legs and is ready for adventure.

    Bring on the dolphins! I’ll check out your link. Thanks.


  3. Tom, Farley here. Your link works just fine, but a shrink! I don’t think so. Let me tell you about dolphins. They like to tease me. This one big guy swam underneath our trampoline in circles. For ten minutes! Looking up at me with one evil eye. I think he did that on purpose for force me to jump up and down and bark. It was soooo much fun. My owners just laugh when I do this. What else is a dog supposed to do?

    Buddha Boy is pretty fun. We should meet one day.


  4. Farley you will have to learn the” Mitzi Jo Mind Melt.” Tha’s where I stare at Momma Jean and think of what I want her to know until her thoughts melt away and mine take over. That way you humans will understand you. Don’t feel bad about the harness. That just shows how much you human mom loves you and wants you safe.It is SO much better to take safety precautions for you loved ones. I think I would love sailing with you. You are certainly a lucky Dog. Love to You and Yours, M.J.


    1. Okay, so I practiced the Mitzi Jo Mind Melt on Kristina last night and it didn’t work. I could tell my owners were getting ready to go out for dinner and I wanted to go. I ran to the back of the boat, turned around and stared hard at Kristina. I was clearly telling her to take me with her. And she didn’t.
      I tried again this morning and had better luck. Kristina took me for a 4K run. I think the stare worked 🙂 I’m going to keep practicing. Thanks for the tip.
      Woof Woof.


  5. Dear Kristina, Matt, and Farley,
    It’s great that you saw dolphins. Farley, I’ll bet they would take you for a ride on their backs. You could tie your leash around their bellies and way you could go. It would be a great experience. A friend of mine swam with the dolphins. They knew she was afraid and pampered her. They’d probably pamper you, too.
    Have a fun day enjoying the water.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


    1. Hi Joan

      Woof Woof – from Farley. Thanks for the idea. Maybe I’ll ask the dolphins the next time they swim by. There seem to be a lot of dolphins this year. I think that is good sign of things to come.

      (and Kristina and Matt)


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