Farley’s Friday: Dog in the Bahamas

Farley here.

I made it. I’m on the beach! My humans said we had an easy crossing, but it was still a little bumpy for me. And wearing a tether all day gets a little old.

Ah, that feels good.
Ah, that feels good.

Life doesn’t get better than this. I heard somewhere that ‘it’s better in the Bahamas’ and it must be true. I cleared customs with no problem. I even have my own paperwork, so if my humans leave the Bahamas I can stay. Ha Ha. Wouldn’t that be funny.

Oh, on second thought, maybe not. Who would feed me, walk me, groom me, and generally spoil me?

Right after clearing customs in South Bimini, it was off to the beach for a swim and a roll in the sand.

I forgot that when I get this sandy, I have to shower before getting back on the boat. I don’t like that part. What’s wrong with a little sand everywhere?

Woof Woof.

Thanks for reading . . .


17 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Dog in the Bahamas

      1. Sorry Farlely, You could tell you’re handlers that dry deck in the cockpit does catch a lot of the sand and keeps it out of the salon, but a bath is still the best way.


  1. My first thought about the roll in the sand was WOW it must be fun to get that dirty. Are there sand fleas in the Bahamas? It is cold here in PA. Looking at you warm sunny pictures help me feel warmer. Enjoy your life Farley, Love M.J.


    1. Nope. No fleas here. At least I’ve never had any. There are ticks, but Kristina puts advantix on me and I’m vaccinated for Lyme’s disease. I’m glad you feel warmer just by looking at photos! Woof Woof.


  2. Hi Farley, Candy here, taking over Mum’s blog. I’m jealous – there you are in lovely sunny weather and it’s freezing in England! Be careful of the sea water though – I heard a terrible story today of a soft-coated wheaten terrier that died after a week’s holiday on the beach, through taking in too much sea water. Take care, and I’m following your adventures!


    1. Candy, Thank you for the tip. I’m a refined Wheaten Terrier and don’t drink sea water. Actually I hate the taste of it and make my human carry fresh water for me in case I get it in my mouth. I also don’t like to go in over my head AND I don’t fetch from the water. My humans can wade in and pick up toys for me. The less sea water the better. Thanks for thinking of me. Woof Woof.


  3. Dear Farley,
    I’m excited that you got to play in the sand. When I get near the sand, it stays on me until it decides to leave…at the front door, on the couch, and it’s amazing to see just how much sand I accumulated on the beach. It leaves a big pile in the tub or around the shower floor. I don’t like to lie down in the sand for that very reason. I usually sit in a beach chair or lie down on a blanket or towel.

    You’re a good dog, Farley.
    Kristina is a good dog owner. She takes good care of you. You lucky dog, you.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


    1. But do you like all the sand in you house? I do, Kristina doesn’t. She’s silly. NOw she’s decided she has to shampoo me more often.
      I think I look good with messy hair. None of this groomed stuff for me! Have fun at your beach. Woof.Woof.


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