Communications while sailing in the Bahamas

Every year we add to our communication system. This year we bought an unlocked Samsung tablet, a cell signal booster, and a SIM card from Batelco.


Check out the anchorage below.  This is Bonds Cay. It’s 10 nautical miles from the nearest cell tower. We turned on our booster, voila, internet access. I chose this photo to show you how crowded (ha ha) the anchorage is. We’re the only boat here.

Mattina at BOnds Cay

Below, as we watched the sun rise, we drank our morning coffee and read the latest Windfinder we downloaded onto our tablet. It’s much easier to make plans based on the weather when we have regular weather reports. Without the tablet, we’d get up at 6:30 to listen to the weather over the single side band (okay we still do that too), but if we wanted to, we could sleep in.

Sunrise At Bonds Cay

We’ve come a long way from hiking to the nearest payphone to call home.

Thanks for reading . . .


12 thoughts on “Communications while sailing in the Bahamas

  1. With a sunrise like that, why would anyone want to sleep in? Plus you’ve got a wonderful day ahead to get started. Have a great one!


  2. How beautiful! In 2010 we spent more than a week in the anchorage behind White Cay, just north of Devils Cay. We didn’t have anything but SSB radio, and at that time, we only knew about Chris Parker by hearsay. We had no idea what frequency to listen to. We only knew about Carolyn in Nassau. It was blissful and blessed isolation, to which I often return mentally during stressful times. Enjoy your winter!


  3. Hi there! I know you had a Bad Boy antenna…or I thought you did..ha ha! Is this cell signal booster something else? If so…what is it. Would love to be 10 miles away and get a signal. Your anchorage looks great!


    1. Hi Cathie, We still have the Bad Boy for Wifi and it works great. We use the Samsung and a wilson cell phone booster to connect via Batelco. This is what we used to get the 10 nm range. We’ve been connected all through the Bahamas so far. It’s truly amazing.


  4. It’s amazing how much smaller (and safer, I should add. 🙂 ) our world has become thanks to technology. Here I can sit in chilly Chicago and marvel at a beautiful sunrise in the Bahamas! All that scenery, and Internet too. 🙂
    Life is good.


    1. The world is getting smaller. Our sailing friends are all converging on our location for Christmas. They are from all over Canada and the US and still we can make it to the same tiny island. Texting is keeping us all informed. I just love texting!


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