Farley’s Friday: How a Dog Beats The Heat

Farley here.

Cold fronts, warm fronts, what’s a dog to do?

Some days it’s just to hot to bear, and other days, I love the cool weather. The cold front passed through and we’re back to high temperatures.

The first thing that happens is my owner cuts my hairs. She’s always worried about me overheating, I just wish she’d taken classes on how to groom a Wheaten Terrier. I need to look my best when I head to the beach to meet the girls.

bahamas 2010 112

I don’t like to swim in water over my head, but there’s nothing like a cool walk in the water. So I have a little sand on my face. What’s the big deal? This shot was taken before Kristina ‘groomed’ me. I’m too embarrassed to post the after shot.

Woof woof.


8 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: How a Dog Beats The Heat

  1. Dear Farley,
    What a beautiful beach coastline picture! Count your blessings, Farley. If I had cut your fur, you would have looked like a jig saw puzzle. You would only have hair in spots. Kristina will get better. Just wait and see. Some chicks dig bald men, why not bald dogs?
    Enjoy your time at the beach.
    Celebrate each woof of your heart!
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


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