Canadian spelling?

If you’re a Canadian writer and spell the Canadian, I’d love to know what you do about a forty-two inch flat screen television.

Canadian’s use the metric system, so should it be a 106.68 centimetres? Or maybe 1.0668 metres?

Both seem rather silly to me.

I think using inches is okay in this case.

Any opinions?

Thanks for reading . . .



9 thoughts on “Canadian spelling?

  1. I think you’re good with inches. I’ve never heard anyone refer to the size of a TV in anything but inches, although using metres makes it sound bigger to me for some reason.


  2. Honestly, we Canadians use inches to describe measurement a lot. I think in inches rather than centimetres, and pounds instead of kilograms, and I know a lot of other people do, too. Dunno why. Maybe because we watch so much American television / movies!


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