Crowded Marina?

Compass Cay Marina during the march break . . . Where did the boats come from?

I’ve never seen this marina so full. We were all so amazed, since we’re used to being isolated out here, that our friend climbed to the top of the mast and took this photo.


Mattina is in the bottom corner, tucked between some very large boats.

Lots of fun on the docks . . .

All this happened after we were the only boats docked at Highbourne Cay Marina.

Highbourne Cay Marina
Highbourne Cay Marina

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6 thoughts on “Crowded Marina?

    1. Rusty, it was tricky. Kinda like building a jigsaw puzzle but backwards and with a lot of stress. No one wants to bump a mega yacht or be squished by one! Everyone had to agree on departure times and leave in order. Nothing like taking half the day just to get off the dock.


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