Point of View: Describing Characters

When you are writing in a character’s point of view, can you describe that character’s face or part of themselves that they can’t see?

For example, in a scene written in Ian’s point of view, can the following be written?

Ian blushed and his freckles turned orange.

My thoughts . . . Ian might know he’s blushing from the physical sensation, but how could he know his freckles turned orange?

So if you agree that this isn’t the right way to convey the image, then what?

Perhaps I could:

–       Have another a character make fun of the orange freckles.

–       Have another character say, “I know you’re lying. You’re freckles are turning orange.”

Do you have any ideas how to get around this?

Thanks for reading . . .


14 thoughts on “Point of View: Describing Characters

  1. If your character is introspective he could think to himself ” I felt myself flush, this is not good because …….” I imagine to much introspection could be viewed as a neurotic type behavior but that could fun also. 😉


  2. If I need to do something like this, I usually have another character point it out or have then glance at something and see their reflection. In a window, a car, a mirror, even a puddle when they stare at their feet.

    Good luck with it!



  3. I think Ian knows himself well. Could be he … knows from long experience that his freckles are turning orange and that will be a sure give away.
    Good luck and thanks for the thought-provoking and no-right-answer question. e


  4. Lots of great ideas here already!
    Depending on his personality, he might be someone who covers his face when his freckles turn orange, or turns away to hide the embarrassing orange freckles.


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