Farley’s Friday: Dog Walking or Human Walking?

Farley here.

So I go for a walk with my humans. They have shoes on, meaning I should have known it was going to be a tough walk. They don’t wear shoes often and I don’t own any. Go figure. I’m a dog.

We get halfway across the island, we’re in the Bahamas, when I stop.

“My feet hurt,” I bark.

“What’s the matter, Farley?” Kristina asks. She always notices first when I’m in trouble. I’m beginning to think she has a soft spot for me.

I hold out my paw to her and look as pathetic as I can.

“My feet hurt. These rocks are too sharp,” I bark and then wag my tail, just to make sure I’m being cute.

She understands and gives Matt her most pathetic look. He laughs, and I know I’ve won.

Matt picks me up and carries me across the sharp bits. Do they love me or what?

Dog Walk

Woof Woof.



9 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Dog Walking or Human Walking?

  1. Dear Farley, I have a very hard time commenting on your site. Out of all my dog friends who use word press yours is the only site that keeps asking me for my password. I’ve had to change it many times because once I use one it doesn’t want to accept anything similar. I have 2 passwords I use for blogs and your site won’t take them because I used them before. I can get to my humans bank account easier. BOL


    1. Mitzi, I’m sorry to hear that and I will see what I can do. I’ll send a help message to word press. I have no idea why this is happening, but thank you for trying and still posting. Woof Woof.


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