Farley’s Friday: A dog goes fishing

Woof Woof, Farley here.

Is it just me or is fishing really fun?

I’ve been at the cottage for three days, and I’ve trained my alpha (That’s Matt by the way.)

“Come down here,” I bark. I glance at the boathouse and then at Matt.

Matt’s so smart he comes on command.

“Get the rod, get the rod, get the rod,” I bark.

Matt does as instructed.

Now, I do my dance. This really gets Matt laughing.

Put your left paw in, put your left paw out . . .
Put your left paw in, put your left paw out . . .

Every time I dance like this, he casts the lure and I bark.

If he catches something, I really go crazy. These alphas need a lot of praise. The more I praise him the more he’ll cast the lure.

Woof Woof.


10 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A dog goes fishing

  1. You are quite a good dancer, Farley. Be sure not to back up while you dance. My human also needs that positive reenforcement.


    1. I’ll admit it, but don’t tell anyone – I stepped back and fell off the dock once. Everyone laughed. Except me of course, so I shook all over my peeps, making them scream and run away. Then it was me who laughed. Woof Woof.


    1. Woof Woof Debi. Why aren’t you here running with us? No one drops by in their kayak for the early morning beach run 🙂 On the good side, Kristina lets me sleep in longer than you did.


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