Writing a Series: Spreadsheet.

Last week I wrote about writing a series and keeping track of details over several novels, and I was asked about my spreadsheet.

In Keeping Track of Scenes I described the spreadsheet I use for one novel.  It amazes me how much I’ve changed and adapted the spreadsheet as I learn to improve my process. I’ve also added Scrivener to my list of tools, but I still can’t do without a spreadsheet.

In addition to a spreadsheet per novel, I now have a spreadsheet for the series.

The first column of each sheet states which novel the info is for. Then I include the following sheets:


  • names (first and last in separate columns so I can sort by each and make sure none of the names are too similar)
  • relationships
  • ages
  • clothing styles
  • emotional issues and challenges
  • anything I think might be important for the next novel

(I use Scrivener for character history)


  • places used
  • local business and who own them
  • hours of operation for ski lifts or any other business that is in more than one novel.
  • brief description of place
  • important characteristics of place


  • Dates of key events (important in later novel when referring to past)

Hope this helps.
Thanks for reading . . .


6 thoughts on “Writing a Series: Spreadsheet.

  1. I do something similar in Scrivener, especially since I’m more of a discovery writer. (sometimes referred to as a pantser 😉 ) I’m finding it very useful to log my important information into templates under the character name, setting, or story gimmick. The time line still goes onto physical index cards so I can play with it out on the table. It makes me feel like a fortune teller!


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