Farley’s Friday: One Lonely Wheaten Terrier

Farley here.

“Woof Woof,” I bark at the window. “What happened?”

I knew my life had taken a dark turn by the time bedtime came and went. Sometimes my humans go out but never over night. Confused is an understatement.

“Come back,” I bark. But nothing happens. I slink up to the bedroom where my temporary humans are sleeping and flop beside their bed trying to make noise. Maybe they’ll wake up and tell me what’s going on.  Nope.

Day two of loneliness. I sit by the front door. If I can just catch sight of them, they’ll remember I’m here and come and get me.

Where oh where did my humans go?
Where oh where did my humans go?

Day three of loneliness. “Where are they?” I whine. My temporary humans just smile and tell me I’m okay. That Kristina and Matt will come back.

But when? I don’t get this time thing. And how is a dog supposed to get a good night sleep when his humans are out on the street somewhere. What if they need me? I stand guard at night, so who is guarding them now?

When I can barely stand the stress anymore, on day five the door opens and they arrive. I try to pretend I’m mad at them, but I can’t hold to it. I run and wiggle and jump all over them. Then I head to my favourite corner. Finally a guy can take a good nap.

Woof Woof.



9 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: One Lonely Wheaten Terrier

  1. t’s a shame you aren’t at a fun dog camp. he dogs that come here think they are kids at disneyland. here is no time to feel bored or sad. here are friends to play with whenever you want and space enough to have private time when needed. http://www.campjeans.com hat is the job help my human do each day.


  2. No matter how busy and fun a doggie vacation is, he still misses his people. I know because Sydney has become a dog with two households and an extended family. We all love him and need him. Same for him. I took a 2 week trip to Europe and just saw Sydney today. He looked at me like I was some kind of ghost.

    “Is that you? Mom?” Then he jumped into my arms, overjoyed. I feel a bit lost at times without him. But his other family can be home much more than I, and he is such a lovely companion for my good friend Winnie who turns 91 this month!


      1. Thanks for all the LIKES.

        Winnie turned 91 yesterday. We celebrated with fruit Danish pastries, told stories while Sydney sat ready to eat morsel that hit the floor. He even cleaned her lap! Winnie has the help of her son to do the active care like walking, trips to off-leash areas and buying pet food.

        Sydney supplies enough love for both families. With Winnie, he is never alone (he hates that) and has an adoring caregiver to nap and hangout with.


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