Can You Proofread to Perfection?

And should you try?

If you’re  submitting your manuscript to your agent, publisher, editor, or beta readers, absolutely. If you’re interested in the process  I use for this, click here.

But what if you’re proofreading your blog before posting?

Maybe you could give yourself a break. I think the occasional typo is okay. Usually a kind reader will point out an error, sometimes even via a private email. The beauty of the blog versus a novel: it’s easy to update after publication.

I usually thank the person who pointed out my error, update the blog immediately, and move on.

Four steps to get close to perfection:

  1. Read once before posting draft.
  2. Read a preview version. Somehow seeing the blog in the format it will be posted helps me see it differently, and I usually pick up a typo or two.
  3. Read the blog out loud or have the computer read it to me. Then I can hear the error if my eye refused to see it.
  4. If I have the time, I let some time pass and read the blog again before I hit the publish button.

Just remember, we all makes mistakes and a typo isn’t one to lose sleep over.

Do you have any tricks for quickly eliminating typos?

Thanks for reading . . .


13 thoughts on “Can You Proofread to Perfection?

  1. I agree. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be meticulous about our work, but we’re only human. I sometimes find typos in professionally published novels by respected authors.


    1. I imagine it’s frustrating for an author to find a typo after the book has been published. I’ve seen a few too and am always surprised, but after proofreading a few novels I understand the difficulty.


  2. As someone who had their first book published in January, I can tell you how frustrating it is to find errors afterwards! But I usually find a typo or two in every book I read . . . I think it’s almost impossible to write a ‘perfect’ novel. I think I found 4 in mine–annoyed me so much I asked if we could resubmit it for a reprinting, but my publisher didn’t want to pay the fees again *sigh*


    1. First, congratulation on having your first book published. That’s an amazing accomplishment. What book did you have published? Is it on Amazon?
      As for the typos, take a deep breath, revel in the fact that you are a published author, and smile. Forget about the typos 🙂


    2. Wait . . . I just found 18 Things on Amazon. I’ve added it to my wish list and am going to get it for my nieces, teenagers, who are spending August with we. We always read together, so now I have something new to offer. Thanks


  3. I do all of your four steps! Especially number four. Letting something rest almost always reveals a better way to write the awkward parts. WordPress does a grammar and spelling check before posting as well, and that has caught a lot more of my errors than I care to admit.
    Now if only it would do the same for comments! 😉 I’ve bungled a few of those too!


    1. Isn’t it funny how you notice the typo in a comment just after you hit the post button? Why can’t it be before? It’s best to laugh about it. At least I commented – that’s my thought anyway.


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