How to Get a Free Manuscript Critique

The value of blogging hits home. I’ve been following Joan Edwards for a while now and here’s what happened.

Joan posted an offer of a free manuscript review just for commenting on her blog. So I commented and I won.

I sent the first 1000 pages (oops – I meant words)  of my novel Avalanche to Joan. Joan assured me complete privacy and got straight to work.

What Joan did:

  • She sent me a covering letter describing her overall strategy and what her highlighting meant .
  • She gave me high level comments before reviewing each line in detail.
  • The critique included story line, grammar and punctuation comments.

It’s exciting to receive professional feedback that will help me improve the quality of my story. She included areas for improvement and highlighted sentences she thought were good. Now I have to get to work and make this better. It’s amazing what a second pair of eyes can do for a manuscript. I wish I could have Joan review my entire manuscript. Thanks Joan. You are a star!

If I didn’t blog, I never would have had this opportunity. This comes right back to Authors Helping Authors.

Thanks for reading . . .


9 thoughts on “How to Get a Free Manuscript Critique

  1. Dear Kristina,
    Thanks for writing a blog about winning my 1000 word critique and how much you liked it and found it helpful. I am honored that you wish you could have me review your whole book. What a nice compliment! I have critiqued whole books as trade-offs. I’m sure we could figure out a price after I get back from vacation, if you are interested. I know you’re getting ready to work with an agent. You might not need someone to critique your book for you.

    Celebrate you.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


  2. The blogging community is amazing that way! I’ve also found some fantastic writers to exchange manuscripts with this way, and have gotten really useful feedback from it, not to mention made some great cyber-friends. 🙂
    And I agree, highlighting what works well in the story is just as important as pointing out what the critiquer feels needs work.


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