Farley’s Friday: How to Stop a Dog From Begging

Farley here.

My humans trained me not to beg by never feeding from the table. This means at all meals and even happy hour if you can believe it.

There are advantages for me and not just my humans:

  1. I get to attend happy hours with my owners.
  2. I get to sleep under the dinning room table while they eat – as long as I don’t even look at them.
  3. They save me yummy tidbits to have in my bowl later.
  4. I’m very svelte – and you know I’m very sensitive about my looks.
  5. l never (okay rarely) get tummy aches.

So what I don’t get it why this guy no only got to eat at happy hour, he got to eat right out of the nut bowl.

Squrrel 2008 08 31

Was he scolded? Did they make him sit in the corner?

No. The humans thought he was cute and let him return time after time to fill his cheeks and take the nuts away.

Could someone explain this to me?

Woof Woof.


6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: How to Stop a Dog From Begging

  1. I have noticed that visitors seem to get away with murder. Our visiting boarder dogs get to have special tratment and can do bad things and not get scolded like I would. Momma Jean says it’s becasue they are only temporary and I am for a lifetime. I guess I understand


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