Farley’s Friday: Can Dogs go Tubing?

Farley Here,

I’m the kind of dog who likes to be included in every activity.

It’s summer. We’re in Canada at the Lake. There’s a boat. There’s a tube. There’s flat water.

I know what’s coming.

“Can I go? Can I go? Can I go?” I bark.

Kristina rolls her eyes at me. Yes, she actually rolls her eyes. I take that to mean my question is so silly it doesn’t warrant an answer.

But I’m too smart for her, and I jump before she can get me.

Farley Tubing

One of my humans, Oliver, doesn’t seem to mind sharing the tube with me, but here comes Kristina.

I’m thinking, boo hoo, it’s back to the dock for me, but she surprises me and lets me come in the boat for the adventure.

At least I get to howl at the kids with they fly behind the boat.

Humans are silly and they do silly things.

Woof Woof.



6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Can Dogs go Tubing?

  1. Maybe next time a human could hold onto you sitting in the tube and they could go really slow just for you. Do you have a life vest? That would make it safe to try. Love M.J.


  2. Dear Farley,
    I am glad you’re having a good time tubing. I’ll bet you’d jump in and save Kristina if she fell off. You are a good dog.

    Celebrate you.
    Tell Kristina to enjoy being her sweet self.
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


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