Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Terrier and Thunderstorms

Farley here.

I like to think I’m brave, but I get the shakes when the skies are shaking. I don’t understand the booming that penetrates my body or the flashes of light that make me squint. I tried to hide, but there was no where to go.

My human, Kristina, has endless patient. I signal to her to follow me, and she does. I check out every room at the cottage. To my amazement the thunder is in every room. I thought if I hid in the back bedroom, I could get away from it. Not such luck.

My peeps won’t coddle me when I’m afraid, but Kristina’s so smart. She grooms me. She thinks she’s tricking me by performing a mundane task to distract me. I know what she’s doing and yet, it works. She pulls the brush gently down my back in repetitive motions and I find myself calming down.

When the storm finally passes, I crash. I get so tired when I’m stressed. Sometimes a dog just needs a nap and to dry out.

Farley Napping After Storm

Woof Woof.


10 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Terrier and Thunderstorms

  1. Dear Farley, I have 2 dog brothers that are so afraid of the storms that they take doggie prozac. ( it must be a boy thing) We close all the drapes in the house and turn up the TV’s and radios loud. We also turn the lights on in the house so they don’t see the flashing through the window drapes. This seems to work but Momma Jean hates it when it storms after she is trying to sleep at night. I hope you have a storm free time the rest of the year. Have you ever been on your boat during a storm?


      1. Wow Farlley I .see you are an early riser too
        just like me! My fellow dogs are pawing at me while I type and are causing me to spell weird and then I have to correct it. Be glad you are an only dog. There are Benifits.


    1. Hey MJ, Kristina here, I’ve ben trying to log into your blog to comment and can’t seem to do it. I used the same name and password I use for my wordpress account but I keep getting rejected. Not sure why. Love the photo of Mitzi drinking coffee.


  2. Dear Farley,
    We’re 2 long-haired cats that live in the Gulf Islands with our people. Thunder just shakes our house and it shakes us too, because we’re not very big. And it hurts our ears something awful! We went wild last night! We tried to find something we could hide under, in case the house fell on us, but we could only find one small table in our panic, and had to share it. We did not like that! We hope the storm didn’t last too long where you were. We’ve had enough storm now forever! K and B


  3. Dear Kristina and Farley,
    My sister-in-law’s dog would always run and get in the bathtub when it stormed bad with thunder and lightning. May you always be safe in the storms of your life.

    Never Give Up


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