Lagoon 380s2 Window Covering

The fall season is here and it’s time to start blogging about cruising. During the winter months, I post every Wednesday about our cruising lifestyle, so here we go. . .

The time of year is upon us where we go through our commissioning list and launch Mattina, our Lagoon 380 S2. We usually spend about 8 days on the hard, working on areas that need to be done with the boat out of the water.

Then Mattina gets launched, and we proceed to part two of the commissioning process. I won’t rewrite what we did in the fall of 2012 for commissioning,  but here are the links if you are interested.

A Week on the Hard

A Week at the Dock

This year, I thought I’d write about some of the things we do that aren’t on our regular commissioning list but have to be one for us to keep Mattina in mint condition.

I love before and after photos. We decided Mattina needed new window coverings. The large windows on the cabins and showers provide ample light below decks and spectacular views. We all want to see out, but that doesn’t mean we want others seeing in. The winder covering on Mattina started to wear and so . . . new window coverings.

This might seem easy, but getting paint off windows is hard work and certainly takes time.

WIndow Before

WIndow After


But the result was worth the effort.

Now tell me the second photo doesn’t look better!

Thanks for reading . . .


8 thoughts on “Lagoon 380s2 Window Covering

  1. Hi there, looks beautiful.. please share how did you get the paint off the picture window. I have a 380s2 with the same horrible looking windows.. (before).. Did you use mek or acetone? Im worried to damage the surrounding gel coat. Thanks in advance rich


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