Farley’s Friday: What’s A Dog To Do In A Boatyard?

I ask you, do I look bored?

Farley in Boatyard

My humans are getting their Lagoon 380 Catamaran ready for a winter of sailing, so for me it’s all hang around the boat yard and wait for them.

And what’s with the leash? I’m used to being free. How humiliating. What if one of my pals saw me?

Okay, so enough of the whining. What’s good about the boatyard?

There is a long dock I get to run on, and best of all, there are dolphins in the harbour.

“Hey,” I bark. “Come over here.”

The dolphins ignore me.

“Hey, I’m bored, Come play,” I bark.

Nothing. Dolphins just seem to swim and blow air out of their heads.

Then I get distracted by a man and a woman fishing. They guys casts the lure.

“Wait for me,” I bark. I run to their boat, but they are too far away for me to jump on board.

“Cast again,” I bark, and the guy does. Humans are so smart.

Kristina tells the guy she doesn’t know why I bark when someone casts a lure, like it’s not obvious. I wag may tail at her, encouraging her to figure it out.

No, luck. While I”m not paying attention she grabs my harness and I have to sit under our boat again.

One more week of this and we should be in the water! The boat I mean,  to me or my humans.

Woof Woof.


4 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: What’s A Dog To Do In A Boatyard?

  1. I’m sure the leash is to protect you from being stolen because you are so cute. Not to keep you confined. At least that’s how I look at it. Pretty soon you will be loose on an island again. Just think so of our dog brother and sisters in the city NEVER get off their leashes. Have fun sailing this winter. Lucky dog. Love M.J.


    1. Mattina is in the water and now I’m running free up and down the dock. I love lying on my trampoline checking for dolphins. Now I can watch the sea life in comfort. I’m waiting to see my first manatee of the season.


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