Can Writing a Novel Help Your Career?

I believe the answer is yes.

Without clear communication it’s hard to get things done in our world of team work, offices in different locations, cities or countries, partners working time zones hours away, and the multicultural workplace.

Much of our communication happens via the internet or intranet, making written communication extremely important.

Using interesting, concise and clear communication will help you get your job done, convince others to work on your project, and highlight your intelligence.

Think of the time you save if you only have to send a memo once and not answer questions about it.

Over the last few years, I’ve improved my writing skills by writing several novels. The more time I spend writing, the better I get at it. As they say, whoever they are, practice makes perfect.

So if you think spending time writing a novel that might never get published is a waste of time, think again. Writing a novel will improve how you communicate by the written word.

Have you found this to be true, too?

Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “Can Writing a Novel Help Your Career?

  1. Practice certainly makes perfect. Or closer to perfect, anyway. My writing is much more concise since I began to pursue it as a hobby. Now I have the frequent urge to edit my boss’s emails. Maybe he should take a writing course.


    1. Hi Gwen, Thanks for commenting. I always have the urge to edit others work and have learned to ask first if they are open to editing. It’s easier to see someone else’s mistakes. I like to take a writing course or attend a writing conference every couple of years. Even if I learn only one new thing, I think it’s worth it.


  2. This is certainly a positive spin on writing the novel that may or may not reach the published land. In the last few years I’ve learned so much through researching, fiction writing, and blogging. I’ve used the attention to detail required by writing at work. Actually solved a problem or two by research!


  3. Absolutely! I noticed almost right away how much more articulate I’ve become since I started writing. Words, and better yet, the right words come to me more quickly, and I’m much better at getting my point across concisely than before I started learning to write books.

    Whether one is published or not, I don’t think writing is ever a waste of time!


    1. Very cool. I didn’t know about the sailing blogs. Now how am I supposes to get to work on my boat with all this reading to do. Maybe I’ll linger over my coffee a little longer. Thanks for the link.


  4. You got that right. Have you read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell? He describes the 10 thousand hours it takes to master any new skill, plus uses examples of people who had opportunities to apply those skills at the right time and the right place.

    I like it when I see my writing skill has jump up a notch or two.


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