Lagoon 380 Helm Seat

As we continue to get Mattina ready for the upcoming season, I’ll share the improvements we make; such as, Mattina gets a new helm seat.

Who says sailing can’t be comfortable?

After searching through my photos I found this one of Matt and Farley at the helm station (I forgot to take the before picture I’m so fond of prior to installing the new seat.)

Can you see the shape of the back rest? That’s the original back rest that came outfitted on the boat. It’s circular and a roll in the back is not exactly comfortable. You also get a glimpse of our full enclosure for those rainy days. We must have been expecting rain that day or maybe the wind was cold and we were keeping warm.

Squrrel 2009 10 21

We had a new back rest designed and made for comfort.

Mattina New Helm Seat

Now we can sit together at the helm for long periods of time and feel comfortable.

Thanks for reading . . .


12 thoughts on “Lagoon 380 Helm Seat

  1. Hey Farley,that does look comfortable.! Now all you have to do is keep the Humans off it so you can use it for naps. I can see how much wider the back rest is. Even the seat cushion looks thicker


    1. It is good for naps, but I’m not allowed up there alone when we are underway. Something about a human has to steer the boat. I keep suggesting autopilot, but I’m not gifted enough with my paws.


  2. Dear Kristina,

    We’ve been contemplating altering our helm seat and are prepared to do so ASAP – but we’ve been uncertain of exactly how to do it. Your solution is exactly what were are looking for – getting rid of the dread roll in your back!

    We have a 2008 Lagoon 420. Would you be willing to share plans or drawings if you had them – did you alter existing seat or replace it completely? Did you add any height to the seat bottom? Could you share where you had the work done for it?

    Thank you very much.

    Your dog is adorable – and very articulate. Sweet.


    1. Hi Denise and Denny,
      I’ll be happy to measure our seat for you. We didn’t add height to the bottom cushion. The back we had measured by a canvas guy in St. Augustine and built there. He’s at The Canvas & Upholstery Center Inc. on Riberia St. I’ll get back to you with the measurements. Thanks for reading and commenting.


        1. Dear Kristina,

          Thank you! Ready to move forward on it.

          Enjoy the weekend.

          Denise and Dennis


        2. Dear Kristina,

          Happy Thanksgiving! One more question…would you be kind enough to send the measurement of the seat back?

          Thank you,

          Denise and Denny


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