Lagoon 380 Folding Props

As many of you know, Mattina, our Lagoon 380 S2 is already in the water, but I thought I’d back up a bit and show off our Radiche props.

Mattina has folding propellers. The propellers fold back when not in use, as shown below, to reduce drag while we are sailing.

Folding Prop closed
Mattina Props Folded Sep 2013

And they  open when we are under power.

Folding Props
Mattina props open: Sep 2013

Every year Matt paints the props with anti fouling paint and puts on new sacrificial zincs. Looking pretty nice for something that won’t be seen.  Not that it matters, because the whole point is for Mattina to sail faster when the propellers are folded back than she would with fixed propellers.

Now I can’t wait to get out on the ocean, head for the Bahamas, and do some sailing. What are you waiting for, you ask? The end of hurricane season.

Happy Sailing and Thanks for reading . . .


5 thoughts on “Lagoon 380 Folding Props

  1. Kristina, where can we get these propellers. We own a Lagoon 380s2 in Cartagena, Colombia, and both propellers are aging badly. Yours look great!
    Thanks for the advise.


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