Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Terrier And His Dinghy

Farley here.

I almost missed the maiden voyage of Allura: our dinghy.

Matt thinks he’s so smart. He uses our dinghy hoist to quietly lower the boat off the stern of Mattina. I hear the splash.

“Wait,” I bark from below. I know what he’s doing.

Then I hear it. One pull and the engine starts. Matt is smiling because it’s the first pull of the season.

I jump up the three stairs from the port hull, that’s my side by the way, and rush to the stern.

“Wait for me!” I bark.

Kristina is passing Matt a life jacket and I nudge her (gently) out of the way. I bound from the top step to the dinghy in one leap. I haven’t forgotten how to do this and am proud of myself. Once I jumped, current took the dinghy, and I went swimming. I try not to do that anymore.

Farley in Dingy

Purr goes the engine (and no it’s not a cat), yippee goes Matt, and woof woof go I.

We head out to the Intracoastal Waterway for my first dinghy ride of the season. I love my little boat.

Woof Woof.




2 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Terrier And His Dinghy

  1. I hope you too wear a lifevest when you are out so your humans don’t have to worry about you. Sometimes I wish I was an only dog. Sahring attention is hard.


    1. I only wear a life vest in rough weather, or if where kayaking where I couldn’t get ashore. I love being an only dog. My humans sometimes talk about getting a second one to keep my company,but I alway change the subject.


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