Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Gets A Bath

How does Kristina not understand that I don’t like baths?

Look at me. This is my best pathetic look. Even as a puppy I knew how to look sad.

Farley gets a bath 2009 02 25

Still here we are, almost 5 years later and she’s still giving me baths.

Farley Gets A Bath Palm Coast

She talks about how the organic, chemical free shampoo is good for my skin. It even has oatmeal in it, like I care.

Just because I was running on the beach this morning, she decided I needed to be clean before I got on the boat.

Any advice on how I avoid future baths?

Woof Woof.


6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Gets A Bath

  1. Dear Farley baths are a necessary evil. Without them you would get sand fleas biting your skin and making you miserable. Your humans would not want the fleas in the boat so they would not let you be near them or worse yet LEAVE YOU AT HOME!!! Because they love us and want us with them we must endure an occaisional bath. Love M.J. Did you have to wear a costume all week long ? I was doing therapy work in ciostume all week.


  2. Dog therapy. You’re lucky. I wanted to do that too but we move around to much and I was told people would get attached to me and then be sad when I left. Maybe when I move back to land someday…

    And, I still don’t want a bath.


  3. Oh Farley you look so cute! I’m sorry I have no advice for getting out of baths… I’ve managed to escape them so far but I’ve had my share of showers after harmless little swims. I HATE them! =^.^=


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