Lagoon 308 S2 Watermaker

When we first moved onto Mattina, I knew the one item I wanted before we headed offshore was a water maker.

So, Matt got to work and installed a 12 volt Spectra “Cape Horn Extreme.” The unit is installed in the forward deck locker for easy access.


Now, we get 15 gallons per hour of clean water. No trying to find water. No carrying water.  Just turn on the tap and there it is.

We like the reliability and the efficiency.  It only draws one amp per gallon produced.

Mattina comes with a  large shower, so the extra water makes living aboard luxurious.  We don’t have to monitor every drop that comes out of the taps.  I can’t imagine life in the Bahamas without our Spectra water maker.

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8 thoughts on “Lagoon 308 S2 Watermaker

  1. Does that watermaker convert the salt water into fresh water or does it pull water from the air and purify it? That IS a very handy piece of equipment.


  2. This is so cool! Long showers aboard a sailboat are indeed a luxury, and seem virtually impossible to justify within the limitations of carrying the fresh water in the tank. What an amazing little piece of technology.
    Now I know what I want if I ever get the chance to go cruising. 🙂


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