Dinner on a Lagoon 380

Eating seems to be a big part of cruising, so I thought I’d share where we dine.

We have two choices.


Dinner on Mattina

Or outside in the cockpit.

The cockpit table has two leaves, but instead of opening down so the leaves block your legs, we had then made to fold up and lay flat on the top. We designed the table for three settings.

Breakfast Nook: One side is open.

Cockpit Table breakfast

Happy Hour: Both sides closed

Cockpit table happy hour

Dinner: Both sides open.

Cockpit Table Dinner

Both work well while we are underway. The array of windows at the front give  us a great view forward, so we can watch for traffic while we eat. A catamaran sits flat while sailing, and eating underway becomes a joy instead of something to do quickly while healed over.

Thanks for reading . . .


7 thoughts on “Dinner on a Lagoon 380

  1. What a great life you all seem to have! That is such a beautiful view to have. It relaxes us just looking at it and imagining being there. I wish my human would find a nice husband who wants to live like that so we can leave the dog daycare and travel. We would like a boat AND a motor home. Thanks for sharing your adventures Love, M.J.


  2. You have a lovely boat Tina! We really enjoyed playing cards with you in your cockpit. Did not realize about the table flipping up instead of down. I like the idea! Maybe there will be a new table in INTERLUDE’s future!


  3. I had to look twice to check that your first photo was the ‘below deck’ dining area. It’s so light and open! Very lovely. 🙂
    Now, I have to ask, where does Farley dine?


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