Sailing, Windsurfing and Kiting

Sometimes during the fall it seems like all we do is work on Mattina to get her ready for the season. Although I love this part too, the fun bits come once we reach the Bahamas.

Kiting and windsurfing in an isolated anchorage with 20 knots of winds makes a pretty good day.

Windsurf Kite

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4 thoughts on “Sailing, Windsurfing and Kiting

  1. Dear Kristina,
    You could write about ten novels or how to books with all your boating expertise and experiences. I imagine myself being on the boat sailing in the Bahamas. I’ve only been sailing on a sailboat once. That was on the Gulf of Mexico with winds that turned the sailboat on its side and we didn’t have anything to hold onto. The sailboat company said you will hardly notice the winds.

    I was still glad I went.

    Good luck in all your boating ventures!



    1. Joan, Thanks for the lovely encouragement. Now I have something to strive for – 10 books! Sailing is a beautiful way to spend time. Winds can be unpredictable and sometimes scary when its stronger than it should be. I’ve heard the Gulf of Mexico can be sailing, so way to go! Kristina.


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