Mattina Hiding From Weather

Do the skies look menacing?

Pipe Cay

Thinking we should stay put for a while. Sailing is all about freedom and doing what you want to do when you want to do it.

Well, as it turns out, the weather has something to say about that.

We anchored behind Pipe Cay and can see the weather coming. This would be the time to put out a second anchor and sit snuggly in the lee.

We have a Rochna on Mattina, which holds in any weather, but sometimes, it’s nice to add the security of a second anchor. We rarely do this. I think last year, we didn’t use two anchors at all. This is our first occasion for the 2013-2014 season, but a good night’s sleep is worth it.

Thanks for reading . . .


8 thoughts on “Mattina Hiding From Weather

    1. Hi Mitzi,
      The Rochna is our anchor and it holds in any conditions. It’s designed to dig into the sand as the boat pulls backward on it. It gives us a good night sleep – very important – because we trust it will do the job and keep us in place. Thanks for asking.


      1. Thank You Miss Kristina My human knows nothing about boating so I have no one to teach me these things. please excuse any misspelling I do. My declaws get in the way when I type Love M.J.


    1. It’s very easy. We have windlass that does the work for us. We even have a wash down pump to clean the chain and anchor as it comes up. All I have to do is push a button and the windlass pulls the chain and stores it below deck. Gotta love all this technology!


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