Conch and Lobster

When we check into the Bahamas we get a fishing license. This means, yum, yum, you guessed it – Dinner for us.

Although it looks as if Farley is getting ready for a snack, he’s out of luck.

These delicious treats go to the humans.

Conch and Lobster

Mattina, our Lagoon 380 S2, is a great place to spearfish from.

Thanks for reading . . .


9 thoughts on “Conch and Lobster

  1. Farley, you need to work on a more pitiful look. Something that will melt their hearts. I never had Conch but I bet it’s tasty. I know the Lobster is worth begging for.


    1. I’m not allowed to beg. One of the big no-no’s on our boat. If I pretend to be aloof, I’m more likely to get a treat. But I couldn’t help myself and had to lick my chops at the lobster and conch.


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