Farley’s Friday: Dogs and Sticks

Farley here,

You might remember, I live in Bahamas on a sailboat, and my human sadly explained to me that when I ruined a toy, she couldn’t buy more. Well, I fooled her.

Check out my FFL (Friend for Life), Tanga. She’s a fast little Australian Doodle.Very Cute. I kinda have a crush on her.  Her human, Ann, found us a new toy. We didn’t even have to go to a store. She pulled it right off a tree and threw it for us.

Tanga and Farley

Tanga is faster and gets to the stick first. I follow with the bump and twist and rip it from her jaws. I know, not nice, but hey, I’m a dog and can’t help myself.

Sometimes I can out manoeuvre her and get to the stick first, but usually I have to fight for it. She’s tougher than she looks.

Woof Woof


11 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Dogs and Sticks

  1. Wow Your friend IS cute! I have not seen that combination before. Nice Coloring! SO it seems you like strong woman. You and I would really get along then. Another great toy are a few small rocks in a p-lastic bottle. It makes a great rattle. Love M.J.


  2. Dear Farley and Kristina,
    Wow, the other dog is really fast, if she is faster than you. Your new toy will bring you lots of happy hours. Did you know it takes 100 years for a stick to decompose?

    Have fun!


    1. Tanga is super fast. I can’t keep up if she runs straight, but i’m better at the twist and turns. I don’t want my stick to decompose. I want to keep it and play. Except I noticed that it decomposes pretty quickly when I chew on it 🙂


  3. Right from the tree?! I will tell Ellen to look for that tree! Our tree has these sharp sticky things that fall on the ground (aka pine cones).. They are definitely not good for chewing. Been there, tried that. Love your new friend, another FFL?
    Quincy (Aussie, age 13)


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