Wind sports in the Bahamas

While we sail around the Bahamas, we are always on the search for places to windsurf or kite board from. We carry two windsurfers with us, and our friends  carry kite boards.

The sand bar below appears at low tide and gives everyone a launch pad for their sport of choice. This is just south of Big Farmer’s Cay. Playing on the sand bar keeps us on our toes as far as the tide is concerned. When the water comes up, it’s time to head back to Mattina.

Sandbar for Windsurfing

If we can’t find a suitable beach or temporary sandbar to launch from, Matt rigs on the trampoline and windsurfs from the back of the boat.

We have the routine mastered, so it doesn’t really matter where we are, as long as there is wind.

Thanks for reading . . .


2 thoughts on “Wind sports in the Bahamas

  1. Thank You again for giving me a place to take my mind. We are having our second storm this week in PA. This one has ice and now rain. It’s a heavy sushy mess. Some power is out in areas but we are OK so far.It DOES look very pretty here though but in a different way from where you are.


    1. We’ve been watching the weather up north and can certainly sympathize. I do remember the beauty that comes with the storms. Glad you are enjoying the blog, and as aways thanks for reading and for commenting.


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