Farley’s Friday: One Tired Wheaten Terrier

Farley here,

Kristina is crazy. She made me run 12 km. I told her I wanted to nap in the shade, but she ignored me.

Now look at me.

Farley 12 k run

I need a long, long nap to recover. Luckily, I got to the best seat in the cockpit first. I have my own towel to cover the seats, like I’m sandy or something, but once I’m settled, it’s pretty nice.

Kristina’s napping too, so I don’t feel guilty at all. And if I have to run with her, the least she can do is let me sleep later.

Woof Woof.


6 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: One Tired Wheaten Terrier

  1. My human keeps threatening me that she is going to make me excerise. Lucky for me there is ice on the ground so I am safe for now. My human uses a walking machine called a treadmill . She has tried ME on it but I pretend to be inept so she doesn’t make me do it. I give her the “How can you be so cruel” look and she lets me slide on the excerise.


    1. Oh oh. A treadmill. That sounds very difficult. I can see how it would be tricky for a dog to run on. Sometimes humans are weird. To make things worse, after the run, Kristina shampooed me. Arg…


  2. Dear Farley,
    It’s invigorating to rest.. You and Kristina will both feel ready to go, go, go afterwards.

    Pleasant dreams!


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