Books about the Writing Life

Do you love to read books about writing and life as a writer?

Ann Patchett has just released a series of essays on her life as a writer. Now, I’ve only read three of the essays and think they are fabulous.

In This Is A Story Of A Happy Marriage, Patchett writes about how she started writing, her life as a child, her life with dogs, diverse. It’s personal and well written, so I thought I’d share here in case you are interest.

Patchett’s books include:

  • The Magician’s Assistant
  • The Patron Saint of Liars
  • Bell Canto
  • Truth & Beauty: A Friendship
  • State of Wonder

And now This Is A Story Of A Happy Marriage.

If you have any suggesting for books by writers writing about their life, let me know.

Thanks for reading . . .


4 thoughts on “Books about the Writing Life

  1. I just finished Autobiography of a Face, by Ann Patchett’s dearest friend Lucy Grealy, who was also a writer. It was so beautiful and honest that I wanted to turn around and read all again when I reached the end of it!
    I highly recommend it, especially if you read Ann Patchett’s Truth and Beauty first. 🙂


    1. Kirsten, thanks for the recommendations. I’ll get to Truth and Beauty and then to Autobiography of a Face. The kindle has changed my reading ability while I’m sailing and I can get books during the season instead of waiting till the end. And I’m always looking for the next read, so again, thanks for pointing out 2 more books for me.


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