Beach Yoga

Since Mattina is for sale, we are trying to make the most of our time in the Bahamas and one of my favourite things to do is yoga on the beach.

Beach Yoga 2014

What do you need to do this?

If you don’t have a yoga instructor handy, has a variety of classes that you can download onto an iPod. Then you need a set of speaks with loud volume. You might be surprised how loud the waves are. We discovered this early on.

I love listening to a class that mentions wind or sky, and I’m actually outside and can feel the wind and see the sky.

The only downside is if holding a pose properly is important to you. Sometimes you shift in the sand or the wind pushes you.

Try holding the tree pose in a 20 knot gust.

Thanks for reading . . .


4 thoughts on “Beach Yoga

  1. I too believe in yoga. In fact I just posted a yogo blog just for you Miss Kristina. I am embarrassed to say I was going to send you the link to what I thought was an old post and found it in my drafts. Momma Jean never sent it out. ( Boy she is slipping, must be her age)


    1. The beauty of blogging is it’s never too late to post. Just let Momma Jean know she can still post – especially if it’s already written. I’m off to yoga again – for me it’s really a doggy nap, but that’s okay.


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