Farley’s Friday: A Jack Russell and Her Harness

Farley here.

Do you ever laugh at your friends? When I laugh, the resulting noise sounds like a bark combined with a howl.

So here’s my Friend For Life, Cali. She says she’s a Jack Russell, but really, does she look like one?

Calie and Harness

Now why am I laughing, you ask.

Is she wearing a diaper? Nope.

Is it some kind of new dog skirt I don’t know about? Nope.

It’s her harness.

She got crazy going after a lizard, got her harness stuck on a branch, didn’t care, kept chasing the lizard.

And what ended up happening? Her harness ended up on her bum. The humans were too busy laughing to help her, so there she sat, looking silly.

I’d never do that . . .

Woof Woof.


5 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: A Jack Russell and Her Harness

  1. After staring at the picture a Long time I DO see the Jack Russel Many Jack russels have rough coats or wire coats. Maybe the human cuts her hair that way. If not then one of her parents was a fence jimper and she is mixed. Her prey drive instinct DOES back up the Jack Russel part of her.


    1. She’s an odd looking Jack Russel and we all talk about whether she’s actually a pure Jack or something mixed. According to the breeder she’s a Jack, but she part of the pack and we lover her the way she is.


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