Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten and A Springer on an Africat

Farley here,

So Kristina left the dock in a dingy. Matt went to help a friend. So what’s A dog to do, I ask you. I’m alone on my Lagoon 380 getting bored.

I look over to the other dock, and there’s Jasper, wagging his tail, egging me on.

“Come over here,” he barks.

“I’m not allowed,” I answer.

“Why not?”

I think about that for a memento. Nothing comes to mind.

I jump off Mattina, and yeah I know Kristina told me to stay, but in my defence, I can only remember a command for few minutes. Then my brain gets distracted.

I run over to Jasper’s boat and get on board.

Then I remember I might get in trouble. Luckily there’s a cubby hole where the Africat people store life jackets and other things. I jump in, thinking it’s a great place to hide.


As you can see, busted! The human on the next boat saw me, took my photo and sent it to Kristina.

She loves me and smiled. She said, “At least you chose a boat with a dog.”

Woof Woof.


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