Farley’s Friday: My Human Is Doing The Happy Dance

Farley here.

My human is singing “Debut Dagger Shortlist” and doing the happy dance. Sometimes Kristina looks really silly, but she’s so happy I won’t mention that to her.

I give her my confused look to ask her what’s going on. Seriously, she’s freaking me out.

Farley looking interested

She makes we wait until I settle down. Then she says, “My novel BURNT has been shortlisted for the Debut Dagger Award.”

“Huh,” I bark.

“It’s from the Crime Writers’ Association in the UK for unpublished authors.”

I decide I better do the happy dance too.

Farley Happy Dance

Then I bring her a present. Who doesn’t like an already chewed stick?

Farley With Stick


Well apparently Kristina. She won’t chew it, but she’s still dancing.


Woof Woof


See Mystery Fanfare: CWA Nominations


7 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: My Human Is Doing The Happy Dance

  1. Tell you mom congrads on the recognition. It is ALWAYS good to feel appreciated. That first picture of you Farley looks like the sand has a head. You blenbd in well


  2. That’s fantastic news! Your human must be quite a great writer to receive such an nice award, don’t you think?
    (I know she is, and she’s diligent too. 🙂 )
    Congratulations, Kristina!!


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